PostSecret Dominates 2006 Bloggies

Posted on March 13, 2006

The winners of the 2006 Bloggies have been announced. PostSecret dominated the awards winning five bloggies including Best New Weblog and Weblog of the Year. Over 16% of all the bloggies given went to PostSecret. PostSecret is a blog and a book that posts anonymous post cards containing people's biggest previously untold secrets. Other multiple winners were, Go Fug Yourself and Boing Boing -- each of these blogs won two bloggies. Dooce, which won four bloggies in 2004, did not win this year. Cute Overload was nominated for a total of four bloggies this year and did not win. And My Boyfriend Is a Twat, Photojunkie and Wonkette won again this year in the same categories they won in last year.

Here is a list of the winners:

  • Best Web Application for Weblogs: Blogger
  • Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog: Loobylu
  • Best Asian Weblog: Tokyo Girl
  • Best African or Middle Eastern Weblog: Baghdad Burning
  • Best European Weblog: My Boyfriend Is a Twat
  • Best British or Irish Weblog: Girl With a One-Track Mind
  • Best Latin American Weblog: Cooking Diva
  • Best Canadian Weblog: Photojunkie
  • Best American Weblog: PostSecret
  • Best Tagline: "More love than a bus full of hippies"
  • Best Podcast of a Weblog: The Movie Blog
  • Best Photography of a Weblog: FlickrBlog
  • Best Craft Weblog: Make:Blog
  • Best Food Weblog: Vegan Lunch Box
  • Best Entertainment Weblog: Go Fug Yourself
  • Best Weblog about Politics: Wonkette
  • Best Web Development weblog: ProBlogger
  • Best Computers or Technology Weblog: Slashdot
  • Best Topical Weblog: PostSecret
  • Best GLBT Weblog: Queerty
  • Best Teen Weblog: It's Raining Noodles
  • Best Humorous Weblog: Overheard in New York
  • Best Writing of a Weblog: Go Fug Yourself
  • Best Group Weblog: Boing Boing
  • Best Community Weblog: PostSecret
  • Best Designed Weblog:
  • Best Kept Secret Weblog:
  • Best New Weblog: Lifetime Achievement: Boing Boing
  • Weblog of the Year: PostSecret