QueenDom.com Adds Leadership Test

Posted on September 17, 1999

QueenDom.com, a website devoted to the quest for self-knowledge, has added a new Leadership Test to its battery of original psychological tests. Like all of QueenDom.com's tests, this test is validated, and the psychometric properties and norms are posted on the site. It is also scored online and directs visitors to related resources for expanding their capacity for leadership.

QueenDom.com provides on a vast collection of original psychological tests that are scored online. In their quest for self-knowledge, visitors can take tests on relationship satisfaction, jealousy, depression, self-esteem, anxiety, social anxiety, communication skills, coping with stress, assertiveness, sales personality, type A personality, IQ, EIQ, burnout, lifestyle, leadership, relationship attachment, arguing style, and concentration. For the extra keen, Test Junkie is a section with a huge collection of links to various tests on the Internet.
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