Retweeting Basics From CNN

Posted on June 29, 2009

Naamua Delaney talked about the power of retweeting on Twitter with writer Elizabeth Landau. Anyone who has used Twitter for a while is familiar with the RT acronym and the power of retweeting. If a story gets enough retweets it has the potential to ricochet around Twitter and send lots of traffic the link mentioned in the original tweet. The CNN video provided some basic tips for Retweeting: It's pretty basic stuff but Twitter noobs might be confused at the sight of RT when they first see it. Giving credit is also important because sometimes people retweet without giving credit - its probably mostly noobs doing this or those odd spammy twitter accounts.

CNN's Elizabeth Landau also says to make sure you are retweeting something that has value to your followers. That's pretty relevant today given all the false stories that are being retweeted and passed around lately - like the fake news that Jeff Goldblum had died.

You can follow Elizabeth Landau on Twitter, @lizlandau.
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