Robert Scoble Has Tough Words For Microsoft

Posted on March 18, 2007

Robert Scoble used to work for Microsoft and was often referred to as the Microsoft blogger. But Scoble now has some tough words for his former employer according to a Times Online article.
At a "global summit" of its most-valued software developers, Microsoft repeatedly declared that it would "win" in search and other parts of its Windows Live internet strategy.

"The words are empty," Scoble responded. "Microsoft�s internet execution sucks (on the whole). Its search sucks. Its advertising sucks. If that's 'in it to win', then I don't get it."

He continued: "Microsoft isn't going away. Don't get me wrong. They have record profits, record sales, all that. But on the inter-net? Come on.

"Microsoft: stop the talk. Ship a better search, a better advertising system than Google, a better hosting service than Amazon, a better cross-platform web development ecosystem than Adobe, and get some services out there that are innovative."

Scoble's comments reflect wider concerns - shared by some Microsoft insiders - that the poorly understood Windows Live initiative is failing to make the impact expected when it was unveiled 18 months ago.
It would probably be much easier for Microsoft if there were not lots of other bloggers that agree with Robert Scoble. Microsoft had hired Michael Gartenberg to replace Robert Scoble as its new blogging evangelist but he quit.

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