Rodale Choose MH-18 as Title of New Publication for Teen Guys

Posted on March 29, 2000

Rodale Inc., a publisher of healthy living information, has announced that MH-18 was chosen as the official title of its new magazine and website aimed at teenage guys in grades 8 to 12. MH-18 has also announced a talent search for high school and junior high school students to contribute story ideas and articles to its online and print publications. MH-18 is seeking to recruit high-school-age field reporters to report and write about trends, issues and events that affect them.

MH-18, which is a spin-off of Men's Health magazine, is a new publication that will provide teen males with information on topics including fitness, sports, girls, gear and life. The new publication will premier on the Web later this spring and the magazine will launch with issues in September and December of 2000. The magazine is expected to roll out bi-monthly in 2001.

``MH-18 has a code-like quality that appeals to teens,'' says Jeff Csatari, Editor of MH-18. ``Eighteen is a magical age that everyone aspires to, whether you're 13 or 17.''
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