Ron Paul Rakes in Cash Online

Posted on November 6, 2007

Ron Paul 2008Reuters reports that GOP candidate Ron Paul has raised over $4 million in a 24-hour period. This is very impressive for a candidate considered to be a long shot. Paul has made a huge online impact thanks to legions of clever Internet supporters who agree with his position against the Iraq War. He is the only GOP candidate who is against continuing the war that has killed nearly 4,000 U.S. soldiers.
The fund-raising by Paul, a Texas congressman who is the only Republican to oppose the Iraq war and who has argued for a limited government, was almost as much he took in from July to September. During that time period, he raised $5 million.

But Paul has been outpaced by Republican rivals who have raised tens of millions of dollars. Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, raked in more than $6.5 million during a daylong telephone marathon in January.

"The message is powerful and the level of frustration in this country that people are sick and tired of what they're getting," Paul told the MSNBC network on Tuesday. "They don't like the war and they don't like the economy. And they like the answers that I've been giving."

The Houston obstetrician-gynecologist has been a fierce critic of the Iraq war, calling for withdrawing U.S. troops. He also has said free trade deals and international groups like the World Trade Organization threaten U.S. independence.
Ron Paul has raised almost half as much money in a single day as top GOP candidates did all last quarter. In the third quarter Rudolph W. Giuliani led the GOP by raising $11 million. GOP candidate Fred Thompson raised only $9 million in the entire third quarter and John McCain raised a meager $6 million. Ron Paul almost matched McCain's entire 3rd quarter in a single day. You can read more about how Ron Paul has been using social media on our earlier post. Ron Paul has a YouTube Channel and a Twitter account. Ron Paul supporters are known for swarming the comment sections of any blog post or article that mentions Ron Paul. Wired has an amusing article that compares Ron Paul enthusiasts to Apple fanatics.