Senate Fiddles While Iraq Burns

Posted on June 7, 2006

Well, let's see...Iraq is continuing its descent into anarchy, Afghanistan is following closely behind, gas prices are high (along with the heat and pollution levels), and the borders are wide open. So what is our Senate doing? Why voting on an amendment to the United States Consitution to ban gay marriage. Why, you might ask? Is it because the single most important thing Americans are worried about is that two gay guys might want to register a china pattern at Crate and Barrel?

Lou Dobbs weighs in:
It's clear that cynical, patronizing White House political strategists are trying to rally a conservative base that they believe is more base than conservative. They're wrong on all counts.

We're fighting a war against radical Islamist terrorists with ongoing campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, we're drowning in debt from our growing record trade and budget deficits and we're watching our public education system fail a generation of students. Congress has yet to act on an effective solution to our illegal immigration crisis as millions of illegal aliens flood our borders every year, and our nation's borders and ports are still woefully insecure, four and a half years after the September 11 attacks.

I believe most Americans are far more concerned about their declining real wages and the lack of real creation of quality jobs than the insulting insertion of wedge issues into the national dialogue and political agenda.
Oh that's right. I knew I had forgotten something: American jobs are being outsourced overseas at an alarming pace and our president is spending us into the poorhouse. There's our Senate: pushing hard for an amendment that has no hope in Hades of passing even a vote for cloture, while ignoring the very real threats our country faces today.

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