Singingfish Launches Audio and Video Search Engine

Posted on December 10, 2004

Singingfish, Inc. has announced the launch of a new online search destination that allows consumers to search audio and video. The site features an index of multimedia content and expanded audio and video search functionality. Currently, the Singingfish index includes more than 14 million searchable streams and MP3s. search results, which are based on ranking and relevancy, also list the length of a particular file, its format and bit rate, and the source for the media.

"The new site provides consumers with a unique search destination to find high-quality audio and video content from across the Web," said Karen Howe, Vice President and General Manager of Singingfish. "There are millions upon millions of downloads and streams available on the Web and it's all waiting to be discovered. From the conventional, such as news clips and music files, to the peculiar, is the destination to find and explore the universe of free media."

The new search site includes features like saving searches; filtering out unsuitable content; search by different media formats; search by categories like music or movies and search by a specific duration. The site also offers an I'm Bored Button that directs users to sites where they can explore a number of quirky and unusual video clips designed to entertain and amuse. Another feature is the Explore Area, which lets users check out the most popular searches of all-time, recent top searches and staff favorites.

Singingfish, Inc., a service of America Online, is based in Seattle, Washington.