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Zuckerberg Talks Morale, Gray Shirts and One Billion User Milestone With Matt Lauer (October 4, 2012): Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat down (and walked around) for an interview with Matt Lauer.

Myspace Previews Improved Version (September 24, 2012): A new Myspace is in the works.

Facebook Makes $1.20 Per Virtual Cow Sold (August 12, 2012): CNN tech reporter Laurie Segall explains how Facebook makes it money in this video.

Study Finds Facebook Users Dislike Timeline Format (May 16, 2012): Attensity has announced the results of its study which analyzed public reaction in social media to the new Facebook Timeline format for profile pages.

Pinterest Now Third Most Popular Social Network (April 11, 2012): Socialtimes reports that Pinterest is now the third most popular social network in the U.

Twitter Acquires Posterous (March 12, 2012): Twitter has acquired the Posterous blogging service.

Study Finds People Primarily Use Profile Photos on Facebook to Form Impressions of People (March 8, 2012): Researchers at Ohio State University have found that Facebook users typically rely on profile photographs to form an impression of people.

Report: Facebook Close to Filing IPO Papers, Valuation Could Reach $100 Billion (January 27, 2012): The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Facebook may file papers for an IPO as early as Wednesday of next week.

Facebook Adds Top Stories to News Feeds, Angers Users (September 21, 2011): Facebook has added top stories to its News Feed.

Myspace Delays Announcing Relaunch Plans (September 19, 2011): The Wall Street Journal reports that Specific Media LLC and Justin Timberlake have delayed their announcement about how they plan to revamp MySpace.

New Print Magazine Covers Social Media (August 19, 2011): The Social Media Monthly is a new print magazine that covers the online world of social media.

Short Lived CondeElevator Twitter Account Causes a Stir (August 15, 2011): A Twitter account, called CondeElevator, caused a stir last week.

Twitter Passes 200 Million Accounts (April 29, 2011): Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb reports that Twitter has passed the 200 million accounts plateau.

LinkedIn Analysis Finds Peter and Deborah are the Top Names for CEOs (April 27, 2011): LinkedIn has released LinkedInsights data that reveals dateabout the top names of CEOs.

The Social Network Wins Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture (January 17, 2011): The Social Network was named the Best Motion Picture in the drama category at last night's Golden Globe Awards.

MySpace Cuts Workforce in Half (January 11, 2011): MySpace was unable to keep up with the torrid growth of rivals, Facebook.

Library of Congress to Archive All Tweets (April 15, 2010): The Library of Congress (LOC) will be archiving all of your tweets.

Jim Carrey's Twitter Bird (November 7, 2009): Jim Carrey's bizarre new website should win the award for best version of a Twitter bird.

The Onion Covers Parents Facebook Stalking Their College-Aged Kids (October 24, 2009): The Onion has a pretty hilarious video about how parents can use Facebook and Twitter to keep tabs on their children.

Oh Lord. It's the 5 Billionth Tweet (October 19, 2009): This tweet by Robin Sloan is apparently the 5 billionth tweet on Twitter.