Starbucks Launches a Podcast

Posted on September 8, 2006

Starbucks Coffee ConversationsStarbucks has launched a podcast called Coffee Conversations. The podcast offers access to coffee experts and information about different Starbucks coffee blends.
So, you want to be a coffee expert? Join our experts each Tuesday in September for Coffee Conversations, a unique audio series exploring the world of coffee. Each week, hosts Scott McMartin and Aileen Carrell will take you to "Coffee College," and invite special guests to share their perspectives on topics such as entertaining with coffee, Fair Trade, coffee composting, home brewing, and selecting the coffee beans that end up in your cup.
Episode 101 provides "an overview of the best ways to select, store, and enjoy different types of coffees." It sounds interesting if you are really into home brewing and learning more about Starbucks brand coffee.

Jim Romenesko at Starbucks Gossip posted about it here and with that name we expect this blog will have more on it later.
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