Study: Just 2% Read Blogs Regularly

Posted on August 7, 2005

A Forrester Research survey of 68,664 households found that a mere 2% read blogs once a week or more. The percentage climbed to just 4% among more wired households. Even if a few of the households being surveyed were reading blogs and didn't realize it this is still a very small results for blogs. Forrester Vice President Ted Schadler said, "All that press coverage of the blogs, and the audience is just minuscule."

So, what does it mean for blogs? The good news is it means blog readership has plenty of room to grow. It is also good news for the mainstream media. If they act quickly, the MSM might still have time to catch up and introduce their own blogs and the blogosphere to their readers before their readers even discover the blogosphere on their own. Which is what CNET, Business Week, ZDNet, MSNBC and other mainstream media outlets are already doing. The Moderate Voice jumps in and says it is time for a blogger reality check:
Reality Check Time: Many bloggers think their golden words influence our nation - but a new study seemingly throws ice-cold water on that idea.

Yes, blogs are satisfying to write. And, yes, some blogs have big circulations but this new info-and-(at times)-propaganda tool has a long way to go as a major molder of opinion according to a new study.

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