Study: Nearly 75% Still Listen to Radio

Posted on May 1, 2006

A new study has found that 74% of American still listen to the radio daily. 78% said radio is important in their everyday lives and 91% said radio is important in American life in general. The telephone survey of 1,004 American adults was conducted April 13-15, 2006, by Omnitel, the weekly omnibus survey by the national polling firm of GfK NOP of Princeton, N.J.

The new findings complement those in American Media Services (AMS) initial survey in January. In this survey 64% said they were listening to radio as much as, or more than, they were five years ago.

"The evidence from our polls and others is conclusive that people are continuing to listen to their local, free radio stations," said Ed Seeger, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Media Services. "Arbitron and Edison Media Research just conducted a national survey of 1,925 respondents that revealed 77 percent of Americans expect to continue to listen to their radio in the future as much as they are today."

The Omnitel study found that most of the people listening to the radio are listening to music: 53.8% said music, 37.6% said news, 16.6% said weather and traffic information and 12.6% said local community events.

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