Survey: 10% of Telecommuters Work Nude

Posted on March 8, 2006

A new survey has found that 10% of telecommuters work in the nude. This seems highly unlikely to us. We think people may have been having a little fun with the survey. We would believe a certain percentage work in their underwear, possibly stepping to the computer after they have gotten out of bed and before they have dressed.

The survey conducted by Insight Express and Sonic Wall also found that 39% of males and females wear sweats while working from home. 33% of men say they still shave if working at home. 44% off women say they shower while working at home. We believe the 39% wearing sweats statistic but the nude stats seem very high.

Network World notes that the real purpose of the study was security and to see how telecommuters handle data. It found that 88% of people admitted storing passwords in unsafe locations. Only 12% off those surveyed use encryption on corporate files. That number is likely to increase in the future.

Only 9% of telecommuters felt guilty about not being at the actual office. Who really wants to be there on most days if you don't have to.