Sweet16.com Intermedia Launches Teen Website

Posted on July 31, 2000

Sweet16.com, a teen-oriented intermedia company, will launch their teen website August 1, 2000. Britney Spears is a major shareholder in the company and will also have a participatory role in helping to shape Sweet16.com content. Sweet16.com is an intermedia approach, which includes a magazine, radio show, television show, wireless applications, retail merchandise and special events.

Based in New York City, Sweet16.com is producing digital, electronic, wireless and print content that targets girls (nine to 12) and teens (13 to 17) that use the Internet. The Sweet16.com website officially launches on August 1 and will feature a live chat with Britney Spears and a Web cast including three songs from Britney Spears' performances. The premiere issue of Sweet16.com Magazine goes on-sale at newsstands and major retail outlets on August 1st.

Shelly Palmer, CEO of Sweet16.com Intermedia, said, ``Britney Spears is the most phenomenal international icon for girls and teens. Britney will help create Sweet16.com and entertain, inform and interact with the first generation of girls and teens growing up and making an impact on the new century. Our goal is to make Sweet16.com the resource and place that young girls and teens turn to first to hear about, see and experience all the truly cool parts of today's culture.''

Sweet16.com entertainment features include interviews, performances, chats, news and photos of the world's top celebrities. Another example of the Sweet16.com content can be found in sections such as ``Life Happens'' which explores, reflects on and discusses many of experiences and events that shape the ever-changing life of a 21st century teen. Sweet16.com also has several security features, including monitored chat rooms.