Technorati and Edelman Rank Europe's Top Blogs

Posted on October 12, 2006

Technorati and Edelman have released lists for the top blogs in the UK as well for French, German and Italian blogs. PRBlogger compiled a list of the top 50 UK blogs according to Technorati. . Here are some of the highlights PR Blogger found.
  • 70% of the UK50 post daily.
  • 66% have written about a local company.
  • 44% have discussed multinational companies.
  • 22% cover news a politics.
  • 12% write about global issues.
  • 14% write about local issues.
  • There are also lists for French, German and Italian blogs. Steve Rubel, who works for Edelman, has posted a link to a longer list. He also notes that 2/3 of all blog posts are not written in English. Richard Edelman, the CEO of Edelman, also has a post about the research.
    We worked with Technorati to compile the list of the 100 most influential blogs in the US, France, Germany and Italy, based on number of inbound links. We also manually compiled a list of the 50 most influential bloggers in the UK (promise to get this to 100). In this first study, we've begun with the Top 100 because there are lessons to learn from them. They're not all a company needs to know about the blogosphere, they are just a start. After all, they're the top blogs because so many lateral conversations are sparked by what they say. This list omits any mainstream media blogs. We were able to classify these blogs as to area of interest (technology/politics/cooking), how often they post, the extent to which they cover business and specific corporations. Our most important finding is that bloggers generally do cover business and specific product categories but they generally do not report on nor quote representatives from specific companies. We also discovered that bloggers in the US and France tend to link to each other, while in Germany and Italy the bloggers tend to link to mainstream media. We learned that the top subject areas in the US are technology and politics, while in France, the UK, Italy and Germany there are more political personal blogs.
    Still more about these European Alists and the new data can be found here on Neville Hobson's blog. Tech Digest, which is one of the blogs on the UK 50, also blogged about the list and made a UK blog top ten of their own.
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