Technorati's WTF Means Where's the Fire

Posted on January 31, 2007

Technorati may be building a memedigger type of feature for Technorati called WTF. It does not stand for what you think it does. It does stand for Where's the Fire? Steve Rubel at Micropersuasion has a WTF screenshot. The WTF URL isn't working anymore but a post on Dorion's blog called WTF Woot the describes the services.
We show a little fire icon next to Top Searches, in case you want to write a blurb about something that's super hot.

Here's how we talk about; hope you love it!

Where's the Fire? What's Hot and Why.

Ever wonder why something is sooooo popular? Or want the whole story without having to dig through a zillion blog posts looking for the hot video or juicy pictures? WTF tells what's hot - and why - and where the good stuff is. Vote for your favorite WTFs to help the community bubble up the best ones. Jump in!
It looks like Technorati is planning to add some kind of social media feature to its blog search engine in the near future. We will have to wait and see if they actually launch it with the WTF name.
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