Teen Vogue to Debut

Posted on September 25, 2000

Teen Vogue debut coverVogue is debuting its own contribution to the teen magazine category with Teen Vogue, a publication bearing the Vogue style, but targeted at teens. Teen Vogue's first cover features teen singing sensation Jessica Simpson, along with Simpson's teen heart-throb boyfriend Nick Lachey of the band 98 Degrees. The cover was photographed by celebrity photographer Herb Ritts.

Teen Vogue's first issue is being mailed to all households presently subscribing to Vogue and is being sold on newsstands for $3.00 at select cities across the U.S. Teen Vogue's target reader is between the ages of 12 - 17. Teen Vogue is edited by Amy Astley and is overseen by Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour. Richard Beckman is the publisher of Teen Vogue.

Teen Vogue is placing the emphasis heavily on fashion. In its first issue, Teen Vogue features four separate fashion sittings, photographed by the same photographers who regularly shoot for Vogue, including Arthur Elgort, Herb Ritts, Elaine Constantine and Tom Munro.

Like other teen publications, Teen Vogue addresses issues pertinent to teenage girls, e.g. celebrities, music, shopping, etc. However, in the case of more serious features, e.g. acne and smoking, Teen Vogue claims to distinguish itself from others by treating the topics with a greater degree of seriousness and authority. In its first issue, in addition to stories on fashion, makeup and trends, Teen Vogue includes an essay on peer pressure by Karenna Gore Schiff, an anti-smoking essay by Christy Turlington and an essay by a young woman who underwent breast reduction.