The ASCAP Foundation/Lilith Fair Songwriting Contest Announced

Posted on August 23, 1999

In a joint announcement at the Lilith Fair concert at the New World Music Theater in Chicago, Illinois, Marilyn Bergman, President of The ASCAP Foundation, and Sarah McLachlan, artistic director of Lilith Fair, made public The ASCAP Foundation/Lilith Fair Songwriting Contest. An annual national competition co-sponsored by their respective organizations, The ASCAP Foundation/Lilith Fair Songwriting Contest is designed to encourage women songwriters. The contest prizes -- $25,000 for the grand prize winner and $10,000 for the first runner-up - are being funded by a group of the country's most prominent women songwriters.

Commenting on the contest, Bergman said, "The ASCAP Foundation is committed to providing career development opportunities for talented and deserving music creators. Our friends at Lilith Fair have raised the profile of women in music to a new level. By partnering with each other in The ASCAP Foundation/Lilith Fair Songwriting Contest, we hope to bring before the music industry and the public significant new songwriters for the new millennium."

Eligible applicants for The ASCAP Foundation/Lilith Fair Songwriting Contest are women not currently signed to a recording or music publishing contract. Applicants must submit one original song on cassette or CD, clearly typed or printed lyric sheets, and a completed application. The deadline for submissions is November 15, 1999. Winners will be announced in the Spring of 2000.

Applications for entry and information about entering can be obtained by visiting a participating Guitar Center store. Application to The ASCAP Foundation/Lilith Fair Songwriting Contest is free of charge. Songs entered in the competition will be judged for originality of composition and lyrics.

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