The LOLz Street Journal

Posted on August 26, 2007

Wall Street Journal covers LOLcats

LOLMSM! The Wall Street Journal has a news story about LOLcats and the popular I Can Has Cheezburger? website. The article details Eric Nakagawa's success with the website and lists some of the numerous LOLcats spinoffs. So, technically it does qualify as a business article even though they put it in a column called "Time Waster."

The article says the site gets 200,000 unique visitors and half a million page views daily. It also describes the submissions process and says the site gets 500 submissions daily. They screen them all. Nakagawa says, "It's ridiculous but we do go through all of them." He told the WSJ that the revenue from ads on the site is "more than enough to pay my bills."

We blogged about the site's growing traffic and income in an earlier post. The Wall Street Journal Lolcats story is interesting and it also has some good resources and links. The best thing about it was that they posted it on Caturday.

So what's next for the Wall Street Journal - the major business newspaper turned pop culture and web humor rag? A front page story on Charlie the Unicorn? A detailed analysis of the dramatic chipmunk? An LOLbiz section? Time will tell.

There is also a thread on Techmeme about the WSJ LOLcats story.