The Pink Panther Blogs for Owens Corning

Posted on April 20, 2006

Pink Panther Blogging for Owens CorningThe Pink Panther now has an energy blog where he tells people how to save money using products from Owens Corning.

The Pink Panther says, "This is a new blog dedicated to all things energy. I am just getting started and this is my first post so be patient with me. My goal is to create a place where people interested in energy can go for information, news and fun. I plan to link to interesting tidbits about energy and help find answers to questions about how we can all save energy. For example, here is a link to something about saving energy in the Summer. This post may be a humble beginning but at least it gets my energy blog launched. There is more news coming later this week but I can't tell you about it now so stay tuned. If you have questions, please let me know. Otherwise, enjoy and keep coming back!"

Today, the Pink Panther says he was promoted to CEO -- that's Chief Energy Officer not Chief Executive Officer -- but still a nice promotion. Adrants gave Owens Cornings some grief about the URL they picked.

Character blogs have been blasted by some bloggers in the past so it will be fun to see some of the anti-chracter blog bloggers go after Owens Corning for this latest character blog. We don't have a negative opinion of them at all and think they can be fun if done right.