Thomson Delmar Learning Acquires NetLearning

Posted on June 4, 2004

Thomson Delmar Learning, a provider of educational resources for lifelong learning and part of The Thomson Corporation, has announced the acquisition of NetLearning, a provider of online training solutions for healthcare professionals working in hospitals. The acquisition will bring both organizations together in one online learning system offering continuing education and clinical course selections for hospital professionals, including nurses, radiologic technologists, and billing specialists.

Greg Burnell, Thomson Delmar Learning's president said, "Thomson Delmar Learning and NetLearning share the same mission: to provide lifelong learning products and services for all points along a healthcare professional's career, from introductory training to professional certification and continuing education. This acquisition brings together a world-class healthcare content provider and a leading training provider to offer health professionals a single, convenient, and rich source of clinical and compliance content."

NetLearning currently offers 1,500 courses that are delivered via the Internet or intranet. Many of the courses include content that has been mandated by various government agencies and commissions for accreditation of healthcare institutions, and several others are required by state and federal government regulations in order for professionals to retain their licensure or certification to practice. The current system tracks, manages, and delivers the most current information available to clients. More than 500,000 healthcare professionals nationwide have used NetLearning as their primary source for workplace training.

Thomson Delmar Learning will immediately add more than 100 courses to this platform. New content will be available on topics related to insurance and coding, clinical nursing practice, continuing education, and patient education. Additional courses will be created through the publishing activities and efforts of both organizations.

"Thomson Delmar Learning provided us with the content we needed to expand our reach to other job functions within the hospital while we offer them the platform to provide the content," said John Morris, president and CEO of NetLearning. "Through this acquisition, both organizations will join together to provide content in one format to various healthcare professionals who need mandatory training or clinical education."