Three Blog and RSS Directories Sold

Posted on January 25, 2007

Blog Directories SoldThe Blog Herald reports that three blog and rss directories have been sold recently by the Bloggy Network. Here are the three directories that were sold:

  • Blog Catalog was sold for $40,000
  • 2rss, an RSS directory, was sold for $7,000.
  • Eatonweb Portal, one of the earliest blog directories, was sold for $10,000 to a bidder "who has chosen to remain nameless."

    Despite selling three directories Bloggy Network is not out of the blog network business. They still have the BlogFlux blog directory and blogging tool provider thanks to a merger with BlogFlux founder Ahmed Farooq. Ahmed Farooq talks about his experiences selling the blog directories in this post.

    Note: This is not Bloggy Network Ltd., the UK blog publisher that acquired The Blog Herald a couple months ago. That network is now going by the name of Splashpress Media.

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