Time Inc. New Media and Telescan Launch Financial Internet Website

Posted on June 1, 1998

Time Inc. and Telescan Inc. launched Fortune Investor, an online destination for investors that combines Fortune editorial content with Telescan's comprehensive stock and mutual fund information and analytical tools. The subscription portion of Fortune investor is priced at from $9.95 to $34.95 per month depending on the depth of service chosen. Some of the site's basic features -- including quotes and some company-specific information -- are available for free.

Peter Petre, the Fortune executive editor who oversees Fortune.com, says in a statement, "By combining Fortune's hallmark mix of lively and groundbreaking investment and financial advice with a package of sophisticated tools and resources, we're creating a unique destination where investors can quickly and effectively assess and act on their needs."

The site is aimed at higher end investors who require the ability to customize, track and act on market activity through the business day. Fortune writers and analysts provide daily commentary that explains market-moving developments, highlights the stocks affected, looks ahead to where the market and key industries may be headed.

From Telescan, key features include a customizable moving ticker, the ability to set up multiple portfolios with news and price-based e-mail alerts, and tools that allow sophisticated, targeted searches for stocks and funds. Users can "backtest" a search, meaning they can find out how well it would have performed at various times in the past. They can also take the results of any search and build a new portfolio that tracks the performance of those stocks going forward.