Too Much Twitter Unhealthy Warns Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone

Posted on February 24, 2012

The Guardian reports that Twitter co-founder and creative director Biz Stone has warned too much Twitter can be bad for your health. He thinks it is unhealthy for people to stare at their Twitter feed for hours on end. Stone made the comments to the the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal on Wednesday.

Stone said at the conference, "I like the kind of engagement where you go to the website and you leave because you've found what you are looking for or you found something very interesting and you learned something. I think that's a much healthier engagement. Obviously, we want you to come frequently."

There have been recent reports linking too much sitting to an increased risk of an early death, so Stone may be on to something. You could walk around looking at your Twitter feed, but that also poses a risk of injury or even death if you fall into a hole or accidentally walk into the street and get hit by a bus.
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