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Here are the latest posts about Al Gore on The Write News:

Al Jazeera Buys Current TV
Qatar-based Al Jazeera has acquired Current TV, which was founded in 2005 by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt. (January 6, 2013)

Ron Paul Ad Calls Rick Perry a Texas Cheerleader for Al Gore
A new Ron Paul ad campaign digs up Ricky Perry's past as a campaigner for Al Gore. (September 6, 2011)

Al Gore Joins Twitter and Quickly Gains Many Followers
Former Vice President Al Gore recently made the move to join Twitter. (November 17, 2008)

Al Gore Issues Environmental Challenge to America
In a major speech, Al Gore issued a challenge to the U. (July 19, 2008)

Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth Takes Home Best Documentary Oscar
An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore's documentary about global warming, won the Oscar for Best Documentary last night. (February 26, 2007)

Yahoo Cuts Deal With Al Gore's Current TV
The New York Times reports that Yahoo has cut a deal with Al Gore's Current TV video website. (September 25, 2006)

Al Gore Launches Cable Network for Young Adults
Former Vice President Al Gore and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt have acquired Newsworld International (NWI) from Vivendi Universal Entertainment for an undisclosed sum. (May 28, 2004)