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Here are the latest posts about Widgets on The Write News:

Time-Relevant Widget Needed?
Author and designer Jeffrey Zeldman recently left an interesting comment in a post on zeldman. (April 20, 2008)

Feedjit Live Web Traffic Widget
Feedjit is offering a widget that provides information about who is visiting your blog or website. (September 7, 2007)

The Incredible Embeddable Web
Steve Rubel has an article in Ad Age today that talks about the trend towards bite-sized nuggets of information and bite-sized applications. (August 20, 2007)

MySpace Envious Of Facebook's Widget Success
The Financial Times is reporting that MySpace is making plans to open its network to allow outside companies to create widgets just like Facebook recently did. (June 30, 2007)

AOL Launches AIM Widget for Blogs and Websites
AOL has launched a new widget that will allow bloggers and website owners to interact with their users. (June 30, 2007)

MyBlogLog Adds Tags to Organize Blogs
MyBlogLog has added a useful new feature -- tagging. (May 29, 2007)

MySpace Acquires Flektor, a Widget Creation Tool
TechCrunch is reporting that MySpace is buying Flektor, a service that lets people quickly create widgets using text, music, photos and video. (May 16, 2007)

Technorati Considering Widget Ads?
Technorati's widget survey has sparked some interest in the blogosphere. (April 25, 2007)

Facebook to Allow Outside Widgets?
Wired's Listening Post is reporting that the popular social networking website Facebook is going to open up and allow outside widgets onto people's Facebook profiles. (April 17, 2007)

Netvibes Planning Widgets
Business 2. (February 13, 2007)

Snap Preview Anywhere: Fantastic or Annoying?
Nick Wilson at Performancing explains why Snap. (January 30, 2007)

Widget Madness: Add Bling to Your Blog
The New York Times has an article about the emergence of widgets. (January 18, 2007)

2007 Year of the Widget?
Business 2. (January 3, 2007)

Kineda Launches Blogger Ranking Widget
Kineda has launched a linkbait widget that spits back your blog rank and a funky pink badge. (November 20, 2006)

The Power of Widgets
Fred Wilson blogs that he thinks the "widgets" provided by MySpace and YouTube are at least partly responsible for their huge sucess. (September 2, 2006)