Twitter Updates Twitter Search, Adds Results From People You Follow

Posted on July 8, 2012

Twitter announced on July 6th an update to Twitter search. Twitter says improvements to Twitter search include search autocomplete, query suggestions, spelling corrections, results from people you follow and more relevant search results.

Search autocomplete was added to return the most likely terms for the search query as you are typing it in. A drop-down menu provides a list of queries related to the partial query you have typed in. In this example, a Twitter user has typed in Jeremy and they see autocomplete queries for "Jeremy Lin," "Jeremy Renner" and other Jeremys.

Twitter Search Autocomplete

The most interesting new feature is the "result from people you follow" feature, which allows you to search the tweets of the people you follow. This option will help increase relevancy. It should also greatly reduce spam results in your search, because it only returns tweets from the people you follow and hopefully they are not spammers.

Twitter Search Results from People Who Follow

In addition to tweets, Twitter search now also returns the results of people (Twitter users), top impage and top videos.

Photos: Twitter

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