Vanity Fair Launches Oscars Blog

Posted on February 21, 2007

Little Gold MenEventually we will hit an awards season where every major media company already has an awards blog. Until then newspapers and magazines will continue to launch Oscar blogs a month or two before the big event. In past years we have seen awards blog launches like the New York Times' Carpetbagger, the L.A. Times' The Envelope and USA Today's O-Factor. This year Vanity Fair is offering a new blog called Little Gold Men. The blog has the tagline, "Vanity Fair's Daily Guide to the Oscar Season." Jessica Coen, the former editor of Gawker, is the blog's writer. On her personal blog she blogs about having to write in the first person and being unable to use certain words and phrases.

Vanity Fair does have at least one other blog -- James Wolcott's political blog. They also have a collection of blog links on their On the Web section. Will Vanity Fair stop at just two blogs? No. Expect more.

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