Variety Launches Political Blog

Posted on November 1, 2006

Wilshire and WashingtonVariety has launched a new blog called Wilshire & Washington. The blog will discuss the relationship between entertainment and politics and will be written by Variety editor-at-large Ted Johnson with contributions from other Variety writers.
Wilshire & Washington highlights the enduring relationship between entertainment and politics. More than a mere curiosity, the intersection of these worlds play out daily in fund raising, celebrity causes, show business lobbying and creative expression. Variety editor-at-large Ted Johnson provides the daily dose with contributions from reporters in L.A. and D.C.
A couple of the posts show how the blog will examine areas where films and politics cross. The new Variety blog has a couple posts about an HBO documentary called Hacking Democracy. Hacking Democracy investigates the vulnerability of the Diebold voting machines. The upcoming midterm elections have inspired the launch of many political blogs. You can see some of the recent launches at the bottom of this post about AOL's recently launched blog network.

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