Videos and Video Sharing

Instagram Reaches 600 Million User Mark (December 15, 2016): Instagram has reached the 600 million user mark. Instagram says 100 million were added in the past six months.

Instagram Live Video Rolling Out to U.S. Users (December 12, 2016): Instagram Live Video is being rolled out to U.S. users this week. The feature competes with Snapchat.

Scripps Buys Cracked for $39 Million (May 17, 2016): Scripps has acquired the humor brand Cracks. Cracked runs a website, apps and a podcast and creates original video.

Facebook Reportedly Developing a New Camera App (April 26, 2016): Facebook is reportedly developing a new camera app. It will open directly to a camera.

Study Finds Video Usage Exploding (September 29, 2008):

Google and Family Guy Creator Seth MacFarlane in Content Deal (June 30, 2008):

CNN to Launch (February 12, 2008):

Alanis Morissette is Vlogging (December 8, 2007):

Next New Networks Acquires (November 8, 2007):

NBC Terminates YouTube Channel (October 24, 2007):

CBS News Eying Wallstrip (May 14, 2007):

MySpace Block of Photobucket Videos Ends (April 25, 2007):

YouTube to Split Revenues With Content Creators Someday (April 21, 2007):

MySpace Blocks Photobucket Videos and Remixes (April 11, 2007):

Indie Labels Using Blogs to Boost Music Sales (April 1, 2007):

YouTube Holding Belated Video Awards Contest (March 19, 2007):

Viacom Cuts Content Deal With Joost (February 20, 2007):

Viacom to Make MTV Videos Embeddable For Blogs (February 12, 2007):

TechPresident Debuts to Cover Technical Aspect of 2008 Presidential Race (February 12, 2007):

New York Times To Post User-Generated Videos (February 7, 2007):

Singers Mia Rose, Ashley Tisdale, Terra Naomi Build YouTube Audience (January 28, 2007):

SNL's Christmas Box is a YouTube Hit for NBC (December 21, 2006):

You Are Time's Person of the Year (December 16, 2006):

GigaOm Network Launches NewTeeVee (December 5, 2006):

Webshots Adds Video Sharing (November 20, 2006):