Vivisimo Launches Search Site

Posted on October 29, 2004

Vivisimo, a provider of clustering and meta-search software for organizing search results, has unveiled, a search site powered completely by clustering technology. Instead of simply presenting long lists of results, groups search results into folder topics, giving users a quick overview of the main themes in the results and letting them focus on topics of interest. Clusty organzies general web searches as well as shopping, blogs, gossip, images, Wikipedia and people searches.

Built in response to the popularity of a demo search box on Vivisimo's corporate website, Clusty takes search to a new level, with dedicated search tools for the most popular search activities and a customized search tab. Visitors can now undertake basic web searches and see up to 250 search results organized around the main topics. For example, a search on "Walt Disney" brings back Clusty folders on Walt Disney World, Collectables, History, DVD, Biography, Walt Disney Pictures, and so on. Folders can be expanded with a click to view additional subtopics.

"The success of today's search technology has left users awash in information," said Raul Valdes-Perez, CEO of Vivisimo. "The net result is that users cannot or will not wade through all of the options a search engine offers up. The fast and friendly puts users back in control and ensures that they truly know the full extent of resources that are available to them in the vast online world. Clusty also helps them zero in on what they were looking for and, often, leads them to discover new things along the way."

The default Web search on Clusty includes several intuitive short-cuts for items like stock quotes, weather, dictionary and more. Besides basic Web searching, visitors can search dedicated tabs for shopping, news, blogs, images, Wikipedia and gossip. The final tab, "Customize!" lets users customize Clusty to suit their unique requirements. Visitors can choose the tabs to display from a list or create their own tabs by selecting information sources to search.