Wal-Mart Shutters Lame Social Network

Posted on October 4, 2006

The Hub OverDo you hear the wails of thousands of angry teens? No. There are no upset or angry teenagers. There is only silence over Wal-Mart's defunct social network called The Hub or School Your Way. We blogged about The Hub's launch in July and we would like to remind everyone that "geniuses" from Sony were involved in this project.
The guys from Wal-Mart and Sony teamed up to bring you all the sweet stuff you'll find on the HUB!
Hopefully, that statement just meant Sony donated prizes and not that Sony tech wizards came up with The Hub concept and design. We'd like to know if any teens actually received their "out of control" prizes.
We're talking awesome Sony stuff from laptops to High Def Camcorders and all the gear that comes with them! We've also got another prize package that will really give you the celeb treatment: A trip for 2 to LA that includes spending money and a chance to meet some pretty impressive people in the industry of your choice!

It's the real deal, guys, these prizes are out of control! All you have to do is make a page or submit a video clip to get your chance to win!
It would not be a true goodbye to The Hub without mentioning once again the three giant Web2.0 pencils that provided navigation for School Your Way. Wal-Mart's The Hub was so retro cool.

The Hub

Farewell pitiful Wal-Mart social network.

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