Wall Street Journal Launches CollegeJournal.com

Posted on October 4, 2001

The Wall Street Journal has announced the launch of CollegeJournal.com, a new resource for college students and recent graduates. The website provides undergraduate, graduate and MBA students with job-search and career-guidance information including articles, job listings, resume tools and salary trends.

Some of the content CollegeJournal.com provides includes a searchable database of jobs and internships, salary information, an MBA center with databases of graduate schools and MBA programs, job hunting articles, international career information, financial aid information and email alerts. The site also includes a resume builder tool which allows users to create a resume in a variety of formats, including a standard resume form, straight text, an HTML page or a PDF file. A discussion area allows students to converse about their college and career issues.

``We're very excited about launching one of the Internet's most comprehensive tools for students who really care about their first career step and future career management,'' said Tony Lee, editor-in-chief and general manager of CollegeJournal.com. ``There simply isn't any other online resource that combines a full package of relevant quality resources and career tools for college students,'' he adds.
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