Warner Bros. Launches Harry Potter Website

Posted on February 15, 2001

Warner Bros. has launched the official Harry Potter website. The website can be found at harrypotter.com. The site includes animations, interactive fan opportunities, games and information and news updates on the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone feature film.

``The enchanting characters and vivid imagery of the Harry Potter books have captured the imaginations of millions of fans worldwide,'' said Kevin Tsujihara, executive vice president, Warner Bros. New Media. ``The website will amplify the reader's experience and provide a great entree to the world of Harry Potter for those who may not have yet explored the stories. We want Harrypotter.com to reach and bring together fans of all ages around the globe as they tap into an exceptional interactive experience and immerse themselves in the magical world of Harry Potter.''

Warner Bros. is inviting other fan-managed Harry Potter sites to link to the community through the Harrypotter.com hub, and in turn, Warner Bros. will provide unique Harry Potter images and icons for use on their sites. Additionally, Warner Bros. will be asking fans for their feedback and insights, which will be highlighted on Harrypotter.com.

The website welcomes visitors with an animated short of the famed Hogwarts Express train, which whisks Harry and his classmates from Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross station off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Once inside the site, fans can apply to be ``students'' at the exclusive Hogwarts school, answer riddles from the ``Sorting Hat'', send friends customized e-postcards, download and print bookmarks and Harry Potter coloring pages, or use message boards at ``Platform 9 3/4,'' the site's community area. Another feature, ``The Daily Prophet'' provides information about Harry Potter and the upcoming feature film, including still images, trailers, clips and production details as they become available.