Websense Warns of Toxic Blogs

Posted on April 14, 2005

Websense, a web security firm, is warning about blogs that contain trojans and keylogging software that can install on your computer. Websense said it has found hundreds of instances of blogs involved in the storage and delivery of harmful code. Websense warns:
Cyber-criminals are now taking advantage of blog sites that allow users to easily publish their own web pages at no cost. Blogs can be attractive vehicles for hackers for several reasons´┐Żblogs offer large amounts of free storage, they do not require any identity authentication to post information, and most blog hosting facilities do not provide antivirus protection for posted files.
There are plenty of toxic websites out there that are set up for the purpose of infecting computers with trojans and keyloggers. So, it was just a matter of time before criminals did the same thing with blogs. However, the opportunity to create free blogs with numerous potential blog hosts does increase the potential for abuse. Recently, spam blogs have been causing problems search engines and blog hosts.

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