Launches Financial Site for Women

Posted on March 31, 2000

WFN Women's Financial Network, Inc. (WFN), a financial website for women, has opened its doors. In a kick-off event held at San Francisco's Federal Reserve Building, a diverse group of women shared their personal stories of financial struggle and success in a discussion led by bestselling author and personal finance expert Suze Orman.

WFN combines information with services and tools to help women manage their money and plan for a secure financial future. WFN helps women get answers to their questions through such features as the WFN ``Advisor-on-Call'' and the ``WFN Advisor Network''. Another feature is the ``WFN Financial Workbook,'' an online workbook where members can store articles and notes. WFN will also be giving away the WFN Financial Organizer, a hard copy companion to the online workbook, to the first 5,000 women who sign up for the WFN Online Women & Money Conference scheduled for September 23, 2000.

``Women finally have a home on the Internet where they can get the support they need to make confident financial decisions,'' said WFN CEO & Founder Jennifer Openshaw. ``Whether you're single, financing a family, or struggling through a divorce or the death of a loved one, WFN is here to help.''

Openshaw noted studies highlighting the unique financial pressures women face. Women live about seven years longer than the average man, yet their lower earnings and savings make it more difficult to finance a longer retirement. Orman, who frequently dispenses financial advice on PBS and NBC News' Today and authored best-sellers The Courage to be Rich and 9 Steps to Financial Freedom, talked with women about their financial fears and how to best overcome them.

``You are never going to be powerful in life until you are powerful over your own money,'' said Orman. ``How you think about it. How you feel about it. And how you invest it.''

WFN has built noteable alliances, including affiliate partnerships with the Business Women's Network, Graduate Women in Business, and the National Council of Negro Women. The WFN Advisory Board includes Debbi Fields, Founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies; Amy Millman, Executive Director of the National Women's Business Council; and Rob Wrubel, CEO of Ask Jeeves.