Women Earn More Than Men in a Few Fields

Posted on March 15, 2006

A CNNMoney.com article by Jeanne Sahadi includes a list of 39 jobs where women earn more than men. Sales engineers topped the list with the women outearning men by over 40% -- $89,908 to $62,660. Some other jobs where women outearned men by 25% or more include statisticians, legislators, automotive service technicians and mechanics, speech-language pathologists and motion picture projectionists. The list was compiled by Warren Farrell, the author of Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap - and What Women Can Do About It. Farrell also gave Sahadi a couple reasons why these particular fields might pay women more than men.
One factor may be scarcity. In fields like engineering, a company may get one woman and seven men applying for a job, Farrell said. If the company wants to hire the woman, they may have to pay a premium to get her.

That's because she may have more competing offers than her male counterparts. The reason: not only is she a top performer who can boost a company's profitability but employing her helps a company improve its equal-opportunity standing, which in turn can help it secure government contracts.

Also, where women can combine technical expertise with people skills - such as those required in sales and other arenas where customers may prefer dealing with a woman - that's likely to contribute to a premium in pay.

"She gives people the best of both worlds," Farrell said.
Obviously, the list of fields where men outearned men would be enormous but it is good to see a few fields where women earn more.