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Fatal Work Injuries in 2010 Similar to 2009 Count (August 31, 2011): The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there were 4,547 fatal work injuries in 2010.

U.S. Economy Added 117,000 Jobs in July (August 5, 2011): The U.

Economy Added 244,000 Jobs in April (May 6, 2011): The U.

November 2010 Jobs Report is Awful (December 5, 2010): The November, 2010 jobs report crushed all hopes the economy is improving.

August Jobs Report Shows Continued Weak Economy (September 11, 2010): The August jobs report from the BLS beat relatively low expectations.

Economy Lost 131,000 Jobs in July (August 6, 2010): The July jobs report is out and the news is not good.

125,000 Jobs Lost in June (July 2, 2010): The June jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the country lost 125,000 jobs.

Few Private Sector Jobs Created in May (June 4, 2010): The numbers look good in the May jobs report, but looks can be deceiving.

Employers Added 290,000 Jobs in April (May 8, 2010): Employers added 290,000 jobs in April according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Author Stephanie Losee Talks Office Romance (April 28, 2010): Stephanie Losee, author of Office Mate: Your Employee Handbook for Romance on the Job, talks about how to handle an office romance.

Positive Numbers in March Jobs Report (April 7, 2010): The numbers from the March jobs report are better.

Monster Buys Yahoo HotJobs Assets (February 3, 2010): Monster Worldwide, Inc.

November Jobs Report Negative But Not as Bad (December 11, 2009): 11,000 jobs were lost in November.

Barnanke Sees Meager Recovery, Meager Jobs Improvement in 2010 (November 16, 2009): Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke about the economy and the recession yesterday.

Unemployment Rises to 10.2% in October (November 6, 2009): Amidst all the talk of a recovery the country continues to lose jobs and the unemployment rate keeps rising.

Recession is Forcing Couples to Split for Jobs (October 10, 2009): There are many working couples in today's world that have been hit very hard by the recession.

Getting a Raise in a Recession (September 28, 2009): The average salary increase at companies is only 2% this year so a raise seems unlikely.

467,000 Jobs Lost in June (July 2, 2009): The Labor Department reported Thursday that U.

Swine Flu Pandemic Will Give Employers Major Headaches (June 20, 2009): The Independent reports that the swine flu pandemic could leave the UK with 15-20% of its workforce sick at home at its peak this fall.

Economists See Hope in May Jobs Report (June 8, 2009): Many economists welcomed the May jobs report as a positive sign even though the economy lost anouther 345,000 jobs and unemployment climbed to 9.