World's Top Cartoonists Invade Cyberspace

Posted on July 30, 1998

350 of the world's top cartoonists from 50 countries can now be seen on one entertaining and educational website: Cartoon Web. Cartoon Web's cartoons and special features present a rich variety of political perspectives and humor and graphic styles.

The Cartoon Web has updated cartoons and caricatures, as well as extensive subject archives, cartooning information, links, other interactive features, and an online store for ordering publications, products, cartoon reprints and original art. The cartoons are from publications in the major cities around the globe, including Le Monde (Paris), The Guardian (London), Excelsior (Mexico City), South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) and Moscow Times.

The Cartoon Web is presented by Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate (CWS), a division of CartoonArts International. CWS President Jerry Robinson, a noted cartoonist and comics historian, is an original Batman artist and the creator of the supervillian icon, the Joker.

Robinson says in a statement, "We are delighted to bring the work of the world's great cartoonists to the Cartoon Web. The innovative content is an attractive environment for attracting quality advertisers."

Update: The Cartoon Web site is no longer available.

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