Writing News

AOL Using Thousands of Writers for Online Content Creation (May 26, 2010): AOL has transformed from a software company to a content company.

Bad Grammar Acceptable When Applying for Lolcats Job (April 25, 2008): Nearly all resume advice writing articles and books will advise you to triple check your resume for bad grammar.

Studios Making a Big Mistake In Writers' Strike Negotiating Tactics (December 12, 2007): The AMPTP (Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers) walked out on the negotiations with the WGA (Writers' Guild) last Friday after issuing a remarkably petulant ultimatum: that the writers pull off the table their demand for jurisdiction over reality television and animation.

Diablo Cody Explains How Blogging Can Help You Find Hollywood Success (December 1, 2007): Screenwriter Diablo Cody explains how starting a blog can help you find success in Hollywood and become a screenwriter.

British Columbia Could Lose 1,000 Jobs From Writers' Strike (November 15, 2007): The fallout from the writers' strike is starting to be felt as production comes to a halt on tv sets.

Eisner on Writers' Strike - Blame Apple? (November 7, 2007): CNET reports that former Disney CEO Michael Eisner said that striking writers should be blaming Steve Jobs for their financial woes.

Writers' Strike Begins (November 5, 2007): The Writers' Strike is underway with writers now picketing outside major studios in Los Angeles and New York City.

The Internet as a Giant Headline Competition (April 10, 2006): Sometimes the Internet feels like a giant headline competition.

Is Blogging Cooler Than Writing? (January 16, 2006): Simon Dumenco, who writes the Media Guy column for AdAge, offers a new opinion piece called "A Blogger is Just a Writer With a Cooler Name.

Blogs as Writing Containers (November 6, 2005): The Philadelphia Inquirer has a review of blog!, a new book about blogging by David Kline and Dan Burstein.

Karen Neuburger and Cedco to Develop Writing Journals (June 4, 2004): Lifestyle designer Karen Neuburger (KN Ltd.

BusinessWeek Student Case Writing Competition Debuts (May 14, 2004): BusinessWeek and McGraw-Hill/Irwin, the business and economics unit of McGraw-Hill Higher Education, has launched a new annual college-level case writing competition for business students.

56th Annual Writers Guild Award Winners Announced (February 27, 2004): The Writers Guild of America, west and East announced the winners of the 56th Annual Writers Guild Awards for outstanding achievement in writing for the screen, television, and radio in gala ceremonies at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles and the Pierre Hotel in New York on Saturday, February 21, 2004.

Western Fiction Market is Going Strong (December 5, 2003): The Western genre is still popular among readers and movie goers.

Writing Instruments Market Grows Despite Digital Revolution (October 24, 2003): Sales of writing instruments have remained strong, despite the advancements and growth of popularity of the PC, Internet, PDAs and other such technology.

ASJA Presents 2003 Writing Awards (June 20, 2003): The 2003 ASJA Writing Awards have been announced.

55th Annual Writers Guild Awards Announced (May 28, 2003): The Writers Guild of America, west and East recently announced the winners of the 55th Annual Writers Guild Awards for outstanding achievement in writing for the screen, television, and radio in gala ceremonies at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills and at the Pierre Hotel in New York on Saturday, March 8, 2003.

May Is National Screenwriters Month (February 22, 2003): The American Screenwriters Association announced that it has established May as National Screenwriters Month.

Stanford University and William Saroyan Foundation Announce Writing Prize (April 23, 2002): Stanford University Libraries, in partnership with the William Saroyan Foundation, announced the launch of the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing ("Saroyan Writing Prize") for newly published works of fiction including novels, short stories, dramas or memoirs.

Barnes & Noble Announces 2001 Great New Writers Awards (March 8, 2002): Barnes & Noble, Inc.