Yahoo Launches Corporate Blog Called Yodel Anecdotal

Posted on August 2, 2006

Yodal Anecdotal

Yahoo has launched a new corporate blog called Yodel Anecdotal. Yahoo says the blog will cover a wide range of topics.

Yahoo says, "We want to share insights into our company, our people, our culture, and the things that occupy our cluttered minds. We'll cover emerging trends, provide some behind-the-scenes commentary, profile interesting Yahoos, spotlight our beloved users, reveal some of our quirks, tap into guest bloggers, sprinkle in some videos and photo essays, and generally think out loud (lucky you - you get to listen). You'll hear from interns to executives. Some days we'll be light and airy, others we'll get serious."

Paul Stamatiou, who recently became a Blogger Intern at Yahoo, says Yahoo's corporate blog is "completely different" than Dell's one2one corporate blog. Yodel does contain a handy list of Yahoo blogs and RSS feeds. A virtual tour video is also provided in the launch post.

Update: Yahoo's corporate blog has moved to Tumblr at

Photo: Yahoo