Yahoo Offers Beta Of Upgraded My Yahoo

Posted on March 11, 2007

My Yahoo BetaYahoo is offering a beta of the new My Yahoo. The new My Yahoo is a sleeker version of Yahoo's customizable homepage service. The upgrade includes the ability to read the full feed in the My Yahoo Reader -- something many people have been hoping for. You can also make new pages to cover specific categories like you can on Netvibes. The new My Yahoo also offers some Packaged Pages that include pre-built pages for topics like Geeks, Gamers, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion Forward and Parenting. These pages make it easy to quickly add a My Yahoo page that carries feeds from some of the top blogs and web publishers. As Screenwerk notes the My Yahoo beta also includes social features like sharing and bookmarks. Local content from Local Yahoo is also included.

TechCrunch's post about the My Yahoo explains how Yahoo provides a default set of content based on what it already knows about the user.
But the most significant changes are are under the hood. Instead of presenting a default set of content to new users to start them off, My Yahoo is now analyzing known data about the user (zip code from IP address and the areas of Yahoo that the user visits often) to create a customized version right at signup. So, for example, if the user tends to go to the Yahoo Movies property occasionally, a Yahoo Movies module will be auto added when they create a new My Yahoo account.
Read/Write Web has an extensive post about the new My Yahoo. Read/Write Web says that widgets will eventually be part of My Yahoo. Jeremy Zawodny has a post about the My Yahoo beta as well. Zawodny's post includes information about the My Yahoo crawler and about how to ping My Yahoo.

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