Yep.Com Search Engine Launches

Posted on June 15, 1999

WebSideStory has launched, a search engine that ranks sites based on quality and popularity., in contrast to major search engines, is capable of acquiring popularity and quality results through the real-time visitor data compiled by WebSideStory's HitBox Tracker. The HitBOX Tracker has been implemented by more than 300,000 websites, all of which are now rated by popularity ratings are based on a site's average number of unique daily page visits. Quality ratings are determined by a variety of qualifying criteria based upon stats provided by the HitBox Tracker. Categories of sites cover a diverse set of topics that include, arts & literature, business & career, entertainment, finance & investing, health & fitness, home & family, shopping, sports, travel and other prevalent resources.

" is another innovative addition to the WebSideStory family of Internet sites and services. It provides more than random search results, it delivers customized and accurate content," said Blaise Barrelet, WebSideStory's president and CEO. "Like all of our sites, offers capabilities that can't be found anywhere else. We didn't invent the concept of searching for Web sites, but we have taken the process to new heights, creating a more valuable and fulfilling experience for the end-user."
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