Youthline USA Launches Monthly Magazine Supplement

Posted on December 28, 1999

Youthline USA, Inc., a multimedia company focused on providing education and entertainment products and services, has announced that it will launch a monthly magazine to supplement its newspaper and website. Each month, Youthline USA will publish a monthly magazine that will feature edutainment content and activities not covered by the company's newspaper.

"The magazine represents a way for Youthline USA to tackle much deeper issues than can be covered in the newspaper. Since this will be a monthly publication, we can take extra time to cover topics requiring more depth and space than the newspaper can afford to give," said Dr. Susan Gertler, Publisher of Youthline USA.

Recently, Youthline USA announced several new programs including, a subscription-based Internet Service for schools across the nation, a new website that is being developed by Entertainment Boulevard, and a Philadelphia regional version of the Youthline USA newspaper.
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