Ziff Davis Announces Game Magazine For Teens

Posted on August 15, 2001

Ziff Davis Media Game Group announced a new editorial product, GameNow, a video game publication aimed at the teen market ages, 10-16. Debuting with the November 2001 issue, GameNow will be a multi-platform gaming publication that will embrace PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and GameBoy Advance gamers. GameNow is slated for a monthly publication schedule, with circulation of 150,000 and a cover price of $5.99. The first issue of GameNow will close on September 5.

``There are 10 million video gamers who are 16 years old or younger in the U.S. today,'' said Dale Strang, vice president of the Ziff Davis Media Game Group. Strang thinks that the reception to GameNow will be enormous. ``Retailers are very excited about carrying a magazine that is an exact fit for this burgeoning market,'' he explained.

``The 7 billion dollar revenue from video gaming is poised to surpass movie box office revenues. As more and more people play video games and the demographic expands, market segments with increasingly unique reader needs are developing. A 14-year-old speaks differently and enjoys vastly different games than a 27-year-old. GameNow will speak to that young teen and fill an important market niche for advertisers,'' said Lee Uniacke, publisher of the Ziff Davis Media Game Group.

Dan Leahy, currently editor-in-chief of Expert Gamer, will serve as the editor-in-chief of GameNow. GameNow will focus exclusively on games that are appropriate for the 10-16 age range and won't carry M-rated ads or put M-rated games on the cover. GameNow editorial will be devoted to helping gamers get the most out of their games, providing game purchasing information and game-winning strategies. The magazine will offer comprehensive multi-console game reviews that offer gameplay help, strategy and a final score. GameNow will also feature the latest tricks and codes.

GameNow is the latest product from Ziff Davis Media Game Group serving the burgeoning game market. The group also publishes Electronic Gaming Monthly, which targets 17-year to 29-year old core console gamers; Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, which is geared towards gamers who are passionate about PlayStation games; Expert Gamer Codebook, for all core gamers seeking strategy and tips to electronic games; and Computer Gaming World, for avid PC gamers.