Ziff Davis Discontinues Expedia Travels Magazine

Posted on October 12, 2001

Ziff Davis Media Inc. announced that it is discontinuing publication of Expedia Travels magazine after the November 2001 issue. Expedia Travels was a joint venture between Ziff Davis and Expedia Inc., an online travel booking service. The magazine first debuted on October 31st.

``This difficult decision is the result of a confluence of marketplace factors including the tough economy and the impact of the September 11th disasters on the travel market,'' said Ziff Davis Chairman and CEO Bob Callahan.

Expedia Travels Publisher John Boland added the decision was made after looking at both short- and long-term projections based on current and less predictable, future market conditions. ``It's an unfortunate but responsible business decision,'' he said.

Editor-in-chief Gary Walther said: ``I thank my staff for all of their hard work on a product that under normal circumstances would be the right travel magazine for the times. I know this was a difficult decision for the company to make.''

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