Ziff Davis Launches Microsoft Watch

Posted on June 14, 2002

Ziff Davis Media Inc. has announced the launch of Microsoft Watch, a new independent, fee-based digital newsletter focusing exclusively on the news and business strategies of the Microsoft Corporation. The twice-weekly newsletter is written and edited by Mary Jo Foley, a technology journalist who has been covering Microsoft for over a decade. The newsletter is not affiliated with or authorized by Microsoft.

Published on Tuesday and Friday, the newsletter will feature breaking news, strategy updates and analyses, product scoops, research and executive profiles. Readers also receive email updates of breaking news stories, regardless of the publishing schedule. At a price of $39.97 a month or $399 for an annual subscription, the newsletter targets technology executives, technology investors, software developers and other business professionals whose work depends on Microsoft's products and plans.

"Digital newsletters deliver concise, strategic and timely information direct to the reader's desktop," said Jason Young, senior vice president and general manager, Ziff Davis Internet. "Technology executives, investors and software developers need the insight on the strategies, products and people connected with one of the most important technology companies of our time. Ziff Davis has the expertise, quality audience and depth of resources to deliver this content."

Mary Jo Foley, a technology journalist with 19 years of experience, has spent much of her career following Microsoft. She has also worked as a Senior Writer at one of Ziff Davis Media's newest titles, Baseline magazine. Over the past several months she has authored several stories on Microsoft including a report on the company's plans to break into and dominate the customer-relationship- management market and the company's next-generation .Net strategy. Ms. Foley began covering Microsoft while living in Seattle, Washington, for several years working for ZDNet's news service. Microsoft watchers probably know Mary Jo best for her ZDNet column about Microsoft, "At the Evil Empire." She's reported almost exclusively about Microsoft for eight years, for eWEEK and ZDNet, and most recently for Baseline.