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Here are the latest posts about Sarah Palin on The Write News:

Sarah Palin Promises Less PC Tweets
Sarah Palin is promising to fire off some less PC tweets on her Twitter account, @AKGovSarahPalin, once she has resigned as Alaska Governor. (July 17, 2009)

Turkeygate: Sarah Palin Gives Interview In Front of Turkey Slaughterhouse
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave an interview ysterday shortly after pardoning a turkey at a Wasilla turkey farm. (November 21, 2008)

McCain Aides: Sarah Palin Did Not Know Africa Was a Continent, Not a Country
The election is over and the blaming has started in full force in the McCain camp. (November 5, 2008)

Elizabeth Vargas Asks Sarah Palin About 2012
Sarah Palin has a new interview with ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas that will air on Good Morning America Thursday and 20/20 on Friday. (October 29, 2008)

McCain and Palin Appear Together in Pennsylvania
The two mavericks John McCain and Sarah Palin appeared together in Pennsylvania in an attempt to battle ongoing accusations that there is a rift between the McCain and Palin camps. (October 28, 2008)

Sarah Palin's Last Minute Strategy
Politico reports that tensions between the Palin and McCain camps are rising during these final weeks of the campaign. (October 25, 2008)

Hank Williams, Jr.'s Sarah Palin Song
Sarah Palin has inspired Hank Williams, Jr. (October 15, 2008)

Joe Biden and Sarah Palin on Dick Cheney
Katie Couric recently quizzed the Vice Presidential candidates on what they think of current Vice President Dick Cheney. (October 4, 2008)

Sarah Palin's Tanning Bed
Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. (September 15, 2008)

John McCain Under Fire Not Vetting Palin
John McCain is under fire for not properly vetting Sarah Palin before picking her as his running mate. (September 4, 2008)

Who Is Sarah Palin?
Republicans and Democrats alike are still reeling from John McCain's shocking announcement Friday that he was choosing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate. (September 2, 2008)