Teens and Young Adult

Facebook Paying Users Teeny Tiny Amounts to Watch Ads (May 6, 2011): Facebook is now paying Facebook users for watching some online advertisements.

Student Sues Amazon For Deleting His Homework (July 30, 2009): A student is suing Amazon for deleting his homework. His notes were made in his digital copy of 1984 and deleted when Amazon remotely erased the book.

Hearst Closes Print Edition of CosmoGirl (October 14, 2008): Hearst is shutting down the print edition of CosmoGirl.

Non-Profit Group Uses Social Networks to Help Teens Fight Depression (September 13, 2008): Jamie Tworkowski talks in a video clip to an audience in Jacksonville, Fl about the the non profit myspace community, To Write Love On Her Arms.

Mom and Dad Still May Want to Be Your Facebook Friend (March 9, 2008): Some journalists are apparently finding it hard to interview Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Study Finds Young Adults Not Following the News (July 16, 2007): The New York Times reports that a new study has found that today's teens and young adults are not keeping up with the news.

Gaia Online: An Escape For Teens (April 23, 2007): GigaOm has an article about Gaia Online, a virtual world and online hangout inhabited by teens.

Calvin Klein Targets Social Networking Teens with IN2U Fragrance (March 8, 2007): Calvin Klein is targeting the young blogging and text messaging crowd with a new fragrance called CK in2u and a new social network called What Are You IN2?.

Lost MySpace Passwords Not a Concern For Some Teens (January 11, 2007): Danah Boyd has an interesting post about how teenagers treat their social networking profiles and passwords.

Hearst Magazines Buys eCrush.com (January 9, 2007): Hearst Magazines' online unit has spent an unknown amount of money acquiring an online dating and social networking community called eCrush.

Some Teens Bored of MySpace (October 29, 2006): Losing the teen crowd would be very bad news for MySpace.

Wal-Mart Shutters Lame Social Network (October 4, 2006): Do you hear the wails of thousands of angry teens? No.

MySpace: A Magazine for Friends? (September 5, 2006): MySpace may or may not be launching a magazine in the future. If they do publish a print magazine it could be through a collaboration with Nylon magazine.

Angela Simmons Launching Teen Magazine (September 1, 2006): Angela Simmons, the daughter of Joseph "Rev.

Justice Launches a Tween Catazine (August 29, 2006): Justice recently announced the launch of a new catazine that will be delivered two 1 million tween girls.

Mom on MySpace Embarrasses Teen (August 4, 2006): Youth Radio has recorded a conversation between Youth Radio's Bly Lauritano-Werner and her mother.

Bebo Raises $15 Million in Venture Capital Financing (May 22, 2006): Paid Content reports that Bebo, one of the most popular social networks, has received an investment of $15 million from Benchmark Capital.

College Admissions Officers Read Blogs and MySpace (March 26, 2006): Teens here is another good reason to be careful what you blog about and what kinds of photographs and comments you make in MySpace or similar social networks.

Most Kids Don't Visit MySpace.com for the Blogs (February 22, 2006): Danah Boyd has written an interesting article about why kids are using the MySpace service.

Concerns Over Teen Blogging Continue (November 25, 2005): There is no questions teens and young adutls are actively blogging.