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Print-on-demand (POD) is a technology that allows for books to be printed one at a time or in very short print runs. In the past books had to be printed in large batches. Acquires BookSurge
Amazon. (April 11, 2005)

iUniverse Announces Bookseller Discount Program
iUniverse, a provider of ebook and print-on-demand (POD) publishing services, has announced its Bookseller Discount Program for authors that publish books through the iUniverse Premier Program. (May 30, 2003)

iUniverse to Offer Editorial Reviews
iUniverse, a provider of print-on-demand publishing, announced that it now offers an editorial review program to authors. (April 25, 2003)

iUniverse Announces Hardcover Books Printed On-Demand
iUniverse, Inc. (September 13, 2002)

Information Today Acquires Online, Inc. Assets
Information Today, Inc. (May 17, 2002)

Xerox Offers Color Print-on-Demand Printing System
Xerox Corporation has announced its latest digital printing system that allows publishers and book printers to produce books with color on every page in very short runs. (May 13, 2002)

Xlibris Launches Full Color Picture Book Service
Xlibris, a provider of print-on-demand publishing services for authors, has announced a full color service for authors self-publishing books like children's picture books, cookbooks or graphic novels. (April 23, 2002)

NetLibrary Adds Print On Demand Ebook Services
netLibrary Inc. (June 2, 2000)

New Woman Magazine to Cease Publication
Rodale Inc. (December 10, 1999)

Borders Group and Sprout Announce Alliance
Sprout, Inc. (June 1, 1999)